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Ana Sambale
Your community manager @Moovly
Asked a question 11 days ago

Which graphical object libraries are available in Moovly?

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Ana Sambale
Your community manager @Moovly

There are several different object libraries available in Moovly Studio12, containing millions of objects you can use in your projects.

Available Libraries:

  1. Personal Library: You can upload sounds and voice-over recordings; images such as photos, scans, or screenshots; and short video clips. You can even upload multiple files from your own computer and it is possible to upload a mixture of sound, image, or video when you do this!
  2. Business Clips: This library contains pre-made business clips that you can use in your video.
  3. Business Graphics: this library contains a wide variety of business images you can use in your project/
  4. Cartoon: The library contains pre-made clips, backgrounds, and images that you can use. You can customize the color of the cartoons in the preview panel.
  5. Clips: This library contains several pre-made Clips for you to use. You can drag a Clip to the Stage and all objects and animations in it will be added to your project.
  6. Doodle Marker: Great for creating explainer videos, the Doodle Marker Style (also known as whiteboard style) allows you to use the popular Hand Draw animation, exclusively available to image objects in this library:
  7. Graphs & charts
  8. Infographics
  9. Motion Graphics: These are transparent video animations 1with professional effects, but note that transparency in the editor is only supported by Google Chrome and Firefox. The final videos you render will however play correctly in all browsers
  10. Stamps
  11. Web Icons
  12. iStock by Getty Images: You can import premium-quality images, videos, and sounds from Getty Images right into your project in Moovly Studio.
  13. Storyblocks (Free): With 760,000 HD video clips, over 400,000 images, photos, and vectors, and more than 125,000 music tracks, sounds effects, and loops from the Storyblocks stock libraries, you can make your video creations more engaging and impressive than ever before. More information can be found here1.
  14. Draw shapes tool: The simple yet powerful tool lets you create different shapes which can be of any size or color. More information can be found here3